Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Tomorrow is school holiday!!yuuhuuu xDD Finally I can rest   n 3 n
        Today is bad!!tiring!!I'm so tired~!!I have to stand on my school field from 3pm to 4.50pm. Can you imagine how tired I am?! I even vomited that time *too tired,
        Holiday for me is not the time for resting,but I'm still busy~aigoo~I wanna make a me2day account so I could contact minwoo :3 LMAO ~ *dreaming too high .hey!but yes!he has a me2day account~~!! *.*
        Did my prince shikkie have me2day acc? Wahh~I hope so T.T.....

Ila unnie ~where are you~OMO SO bored xD keke

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