Friday, January 28, 2011

start working - -"

Haha this entry is about~my plans for holiday..It's not awesome tho. Haha the plan is..... Doing school works. Awesome right?gahaha not really~I have to finish Malay summary book until 120 summaries. Wae?Wae?Wae? haha that's it. And the folio.. and the homeworks that the teachers 'spare' for us. Haha

         I just wondering..when can I drive my own car. I want to go to KL/Selangor!! Because..KPOP FM usually will be hold there~sad sad

        I'm very happy syarp *my friend printed my hubby's pic :3 It seems that Ila unnie has many 'madu(s)' keke ~IDC about it..... haha I love everyone actually~people these days loves hating and hating and bla bla bla. You make me pissed off *ukiss said in man man hani,. agaga xDD
    I'm sorry coz this blog is not so nice and interesting and beautiful and perfect. But this is my passion. Simple~keke Not satisfied, go to other blog. haha

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

School :)

wahh I haven't update this blog for quite a long time due to school works and bla..bla ... bla... sports training~ But the most weird thing is~I didn't feel so tired after the training ends :o
      Now,my work is collecting money,hehe to buy this and that~ And being a kind of...assistant  *Guru Muda of Geography subject is not so tiring,but I have to spend some money for the exercises ~woosh!
     This Saturday, I planned that I want to buy some reference books ,exercise books,stationery~haha   and many more I think xD I thought I wanna make more fanfics but unfortunately,I don't have that much time.Okay gtg. Homeworks are waiting xDD byebye ~
nothing connected with them but seriously soo cute xD

Monday, January 24, 2011


Today is not a good day, haha. Tomorrow I'll have the *what we call that ceremony. haha I have to be on stage~keke Am I in hiatus? :o woo I think yes. Now,the clock tic-toc showing 12:56 a.m. haha half asleep~Ahhh gotta sleep now ~dream well :3 hope I'll dream about ******* haha LOL~!!LMAO xD
omona *.*

ahh cutie xDD
bye~tomorrow's a good day *I hope :3

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lumba Jalan Raya >.

Tomorrow is Lumba Jalan Raya~it's kind of.....merentas desa ..HAHA No doubt,tomorrow I'll faint~keke
Must be sooo tired~hu~hu ~ I'm very lazy to update this blog~but, because of my overload bored, I just keep typing...and typing..and typing~haha~! okayy then,bye! :) wish me luck~keke

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Tomorrow is school holiday!!yuuhuuu xDD Finally I can rest   n 3 n
        Today is bad!!tiring!!I'm so tired~!!I have to stand on my school field from 3pm to 4.50pm. Can you imagine how tired I am?! I even vomited that time *too tired,
        Holiday for me is not the time for resting,but I'm still busy~aigoo~I wanna make a me2day account so I could contact minwoo :3 LMAO ~ *dreaming too high .hey!but yes!he has a me2day account~~!! *.*
        Did my prince shikkie have me2day acc? Wahh~I hope so T.T.....

Ila unnie ~where are you~OMO SO bored xD keke

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

hehe It's kind of late tho.

Hehe like Ila unnie's entry, Happy ZE:Anniversary !! It's kind of~a bit late tho xDD
hey~But I still remember about it right ^.^ with that, My banner is about their anniversary! *You know what?I stole them from Daum~Don't kill me!!

It's nice,right??hehe
*I'm still in fever condition *coughs . but I have to go to school tomorrow!! T__T 

Holidayy xDD

today,I took a emergency holiday *aaaa~you know,fever~kekeke If I go to school,,,,,,,,,,bla bla bla = ="
  ZE:A~I'll always love you xDD hehe~haha IDK what to say~wuhuuu.~byebye
  okayy,,It's beast.

ZE:A in Malaysia~OMO *o*

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fever = ="

ah~hari ni demam teruk gila.Dah tak larat nak speaking. Kekeke~
               Macam mana lah esok en en. Sudah berpusing-pusing kepalaku ini xD *betol eyh
pastu kerja sekolah boleh dikatakan berlambak lah jugak. Lepas tu,esok ada kursus Pustakawan lagi~Aigoo~tadi pun macam nak pengsan jew. Sedih,en en? kalau tak sedih tak mengapa~haha
Eee~ Macam mana ni? Nak datang skolah ke taknak?sebab en,,ada kursus. Takkan demam2 ny nak paksa juga,betul tak? Sape yang cakap tak betul tu memang gila,hehehe~
            Aduh~waeyo?! huuuu~nak terjerit - jerit dah ni~muahaha gila. 
aaa~temperature dah makin naik ni,nanti melalut karang,lagi susah. haha xD okbye~

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Dayy :D

okay,,err~where to start? Ya~okayy, yesterday,my last-year class held a feast at Pizza Hut. Aww,good times :) but there's something sad happened. Our money-collecter didn't manage to come to the feast. We were very angry. So,our class teacher had to pay it. *So,If I meet you next week,BEWARE!! (marah sangat.)
But It's fun yesterday :) My friend and I,went around The Store mall to search for presents~Then we walked and walked.... HAHA but something bad happened xDD (tak payah cakap lah,hee xD)
    And then I realized, I ate too much. Haha my friends were already full,but I still eat and eat .. But lastly,I ate Batik Cookies ~yummie :) (Emim,kau ke yang buat?  sedap gilaa xD) .
    Lastly~~we had a lucky draw, and I was chosen ~huwaa :) My teacher gave us 3 keychains per person (thanks cikgu hadi) . haha Syok xDDD

                              Candid~muahaha comel kan kan kan xD

                                  alahai~naja xDD

                               teacher(s) :)


sorry,spelling error!hahah xDD It's collector,not collecter . LOL xD

Friday, January 14, 2011


HAHA bored~next week,,umm sooo busy~ no time for rest >. that's school,right? xDD
woah,this page may seem simple,but I like it coz,,, there's hyungsik pics on my banner xDD tired LOL making that thing~kikiki 
what else~~yah~! I don't know what to say >. Chazz Unnie, can you teach me on how to make graphics?? hihihi~ um help me~I'm tired , no time for resting >.< okay,It's maid time,bye-yeom LOL

written from heart,

Monday, January 10, 2011


today I had my 'lumba jalan raya'/'merentas desa' practice . So tired!I think I've broke my leg xDD
I didn't run anyway.. xD I just walk slowly while chatting with my friend. cruel xDD
haha I hate running .

written from heart,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Night :)

ah..It's already 12:44 a.m . but I still awake xD A few minutes ago, I tried to do my maths homeworks,guess what,the answers are wrong . Maybe It's because I'm kind of..sleepy? xD
wae?! I want that tee~!Ila unnie~help me T__T . so bored~that's why I'm typing using using many colours *less bored xD. thats all for now *I think I want to check out EmpireMY forum, kikiki ... annyeong~!good night xD

written from heart,

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Money money moneyy xD

I want to buy ZE:A tee!! my money isn't enough YET. *sighs
Moneyy why did you run away from me T.T Come here again. LOL Sad ,
Even my blog isn't that interesting,I'm quite satisfied with my own work :) *well done xD
Just from yesterday,I knew how to make icons and banners!! *happy xD thanks a lot to SaMaNtHa unnie from EmpireMY :) I want to learn from chazzie unnie on how to make persona xD bye-yeom! xDD
click and join us with love :)

written from heart,

urg - -"

Dangg! Next week is super busy = =" sports training,,ugh bla bla bla. I must be tired. How about my homeworks?! Teacher,give us less homework please xD

Written from heart,

Saturday, January 1, 2011


maybe blog ni tak cantik mane *memang malas nak buat , HAHA
btw,I like this,not many knows about this blog *good um,IDK~haha

nak makan coklat lah pulak,HAHA xD

written from heart,


borebored, nak buat ape ea~entah la..haha LOL xD
wah I loove ZE:A huhu.. um..nak naik sekolah tak taulah budak form *** camne..ish
mengutuk. haha

macam perasan lah pulak. LOL saranghaeyo~ xD