My second fanfic-Naughty idols
cast: Ha minwoo (ZE:A),Kim Dongjoon (ZE:A),Kim Taehun (ZE:A),Park Hyungshik (ZE:A),Moon Junyoung (ZE:A)

ZE:A's schedule was too compact.The members were feeling very tired but they have to practice for their comeback and on Music bank and inkigayo. They also had to prepare for their upcoming press conference in Japan and Vietnam. They seem didn't really care about it,as they think that they would do the best for their beloved fans.
     Minwoo and Dongjoon were very famous with their cute,naughty attitude. When they were on a break from their practice,Dongjoon whispered to Minwoo, "Hyung-ah ,I am very tired . I need some rest . Do you wanna join me?Please~Only you're the one who understands my feeling. If I ask Junyoung hyung,he will be very mad,if I ask Kwanghee hyung,he will tell everybody about this plan,if I ask Hyungshik hyung, he will ask me to treat him on food. I don't want to waste my money on food~Come with me~Please!"
    Minwoo was doubting at first,but then he thought that he wanted some rest too.He agreed.Dongjoon was very contented with his beloved hyung's decision, so he started to tell Minwoo his plan. "Hyung, it'll start like this,tomorrow,we'll pretend thet we have stomach ache in front of them .We'll tell them that we ate ramen which has expired.Haha!" They laughed as the plan was quite funny.
    The next morning, they started their plan. The other members began to wake them up. Hyungshik woke Minwoo up slowly and said, "Hyung, wake up,we'll have our practice today. Wake up,or we'll have to take a walk to our practice room. You know already that our manager will get very angry if we're late.Hyung~".Minwoo woke up slowly and replied, "Shikkie-ah,I don't feel really well today. I have a terrible stomach ache. I think it's caused by the ramen Dongjoon bought yesterday." "What?!Aigoo ~How can this happen ?I'll tell Junyoung hyung,"persuade Hyungshik in worry. At the same time, Taehun tried to wake his dongsaeng,Dongjoon. "Dongsaeng-ah~Hurry up~We'll be late for practice.Come on,or our manager will report this to the CEO. Hurry!Hurry!", Taehun tried to wake Dongjoon up."Hyung,I think that I had a stomach ache . I think it's because of the ramen that Minwoo hyung and I ate yesterday. After we finished it,we found that it has expired.Aigoo~",cried Dongjoon to Taehun.They told Junyoung,the leader about it and they were excluded from practice.
    An hour later,the other members left and only two of them in the house.They were very satisfied with heir success plan. They hugged each other and sat freely in the living room,eating,playing video games, and chatting.While they were eating,they didn't realize that they had finished Hyungshik's chocolate!When the other members came home from practice,Hyungshik quickly checked the refrigerator and found...his chocolate was vanished from his sight.He asked Minwoo and Dongjoon about it."Hyung, Dongjoonie,did you eat my chocolate?It's gone."He almost cry.They admitted that they finished up his chocolate."Yes,we ate it.It wasn't on purpose.We didn't realize that we ate your chocolate.We're very sorry."Hyungshik made up his mind. He asked Minwoo and Dongjoon to buy him a lot of chocolates as replacement.They bought it and he felt very happy. He ate the chocolates delightfully and thanked them.

Sorry coz I think there would be grammar errors >.<

My first fanfic - Maknae/Magnae's Jealousy
cast: Kim Dongjoon (ZE:A), Kim Taehun(ZE:A)

Maknae/Magnae’s jealousy
“Hyung-ah!Hyung-ah!” shouted dongjoon to Minwoo.””Ne? What’s up?” asked Minwoo . “Why don’t all of you wait for me? “ replied Dongjoon in a sad voice. Minwoo was shocked with that question and just walked silently…
     One bright, shiny day, ZE:A had to leave to Singapore for a showcase with Nine Muses. The other ZE:A members were excited about the showcase, except Dongjoon. “Dongjoon-ah, why are you looks so sad? I feel uneasy seeing you like this. If you’re sad ,I feel sad too. If you’re crying ,I cry too~ So ,what’s wrong, dongsaeng-ah?” Taehun asked in a sudden. “Um, I’m feeling so sad,hyung~ I don’t feel like I’m the maknae here. Everyone shows cute compliments to Hyungshik hyung and Minwoo hyung, not me~” Dongjoon explained about his feeling. “It’s alright~You just have to concentrate on our showcase. What the most important is, you cannot disappoint your and our fans’ feelings, okay? Show them that ZE:A is the best! “ Taehun encouraged Dongjoon. ”Thanks,hyung-ah . I’ll try my best ! ZE:A fighting!” said Dongjoon confidently.
    When the show started, the fans were screaming their Idol’s name, ZE:A. They were very excited to watch their performances. ZE:A sang their hit songs :Mazeltov,Level up,Love Coach,Love Letter and My Only Wish. Their fans were very satisfied with their performances. At the end of the show, Dongjoon finally showed his overload aegyo(cuteness) and the fans were shocked and screaming for the cute maknae. Dongjoon felt very happy and thanked Taehun hyung for the encouragement he gave.


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