My Hubby

In this page,I'll talk abot my Bias(s) .
Okay,Let's start with my current bias , Park Hyungsik from ZE:A.
his Birth month is same with me xDD november baby. HAHA! LOL xDD
his birth date is 16th Nov 1991 , mine is 14th Nov 1997 ~ Very near,right?? that's why I loovee him xDD aww >.< 
this is his latest pic 
OMONA!!! *o*
  Omo~cute,right?! Don't like him,don't like him. HAHA LOL xDD 
 okay,annyeong! :)

Date : 17/1/2011
mood : fever,but I still thinking about my hubby~kekeke
okay,ni gambar cooomeeel . (kalau kau rasa tak comel,takpe lah,HAHA)