annyeonghaseyo~ here,let me show you my fav k-pop bands xDD

I'll start with ZE:A *coz my bias is there LOL xDD
  these are ZE:A members ~aigoo cute right ?! keke my bias is in the middle, in blue one xDD
Let me intro about ZE:A a bit~
Official name: Jae-gug-Eu-A-Deul(Children of Empire) -제국의 아이들(known as ZE:A)

Moon Jun Young (Hangul: 문준영)LEADER
Im Woong Jae (Hangul: 임시완
Kim Ji Yeob (Hangul: 김지엽)(Kevin)
Hwang Kwang Hee (Hangul: 황광희)
Kim Tae Hun (Hangul: 김태헌)
Jung Hee Chul (Hangul: 정희철
*Maknae/Magnae Line
Ha Min Woo (Hangul: 하민우)
Park Hyung Sik (Hangul: 박형식)*aigoo~my bias xDD
Kim Dong Jun (Hangul: 김동준) MAKNAE/MAGNAE

I'll post each member's pic later! :) and other band's profile

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