Friday, January 28, 2011

start working - -"

Haha this entry is about~my plans for holiday..It's not awesome tho. Haha the plan is..... Doing school works. Awesome right?gahaha not really~I have to finish Malay summary book until 120 summaries. Wae?Wae?Wae? haha that's it. And the folio.. and the homeworks that the teachers 'spare' for us. Haha

         I just wondering..when can I drive my own car. I want to go to KL/Selangor!! Because..KPOP FM usually will be hold there~sad sad

        I'm very happy syarp *my friend printed my hubby's pic :3 It seems that Ila unnie has many 'madu(s)' keke ~IDC about it..... haha I love everyone actually~people these days loves hating and hating and bla bla bla. You make me pissed off *ukiss said in man man hani,. agaga xDD
    I'm sorry coz this blog is not so nice and interesting and beautiful and perfect. But this is my passion. Simple~keke Not satisfied, go to other blog. haha