Friday, February 4, 2011


Cutie :3
I just wanna share with youu that now I'm addicted to Miss A's Bad Girl Good Girl. hahaha~ but the mv is quite sexy~I didn't care about that,I just loove the music *@chazz unnie: have you make this song's cover? ^.^
    Currently,a friend of mine,*she's addicted to beast hehe tagged me in a photo of Lee Gi Kwang's younger brother. Waa!! So cute~! I can't stand it. They almost looks like twins~ soo cuutee~
let me show you his pics                     on the right : gikwang's younger brother

Miss A~Fei,Jia,Suzy <3

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Waiting~/fanfics updated!

while I'm waiting to finish the download for photoshop,I write this post.'s takes too much time to download it~keke~ fanfic's page is updated. new fanfics I wrote . Come on,read it!especially Ila unnie ~wuuu >3<  right now,it's 3:39 a.m .. huu
     I'm sorry cuz I wrote stupid things here like huu,waaa, haha whatever. keke~I don't know what to type actually xDD okayy~seeya :3