Friday, February 4, 2011


Cutie :3
I just wanna share with youu that now I'm addicted to Miss A's Bad Girl Good Girl. hahaha~ but the mv is quite sexy~I didn't care about that,I just loove the music *@chazz unnie: have you make this song's cover? ^.^
    Currently,a friend of mine,*she's addicted to beast hehe tagged me in a photo of Lee Gi Kwang's younger brother. Waa!! So cute~! I can't stand it. They almost looks like twins~ soo cuutee~
let me show you his pics                     on the right : gikwang's younger brother

Miss A~Fei,Jia,Suzy <3

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Waiting~/fanfics updated!

while I'm waiting to finish the download for photoshop,I write this post.'s takes too much time to download it~keke~ fanfic's page is updated. new fanfics I wrote . Come on,read it!especially Ila unnie ~wuuu >3<  right now,it's 3:39 a.m .. huu
     I'm sorry cuz I wrote stupid things here like huu,waaa, haha whatever. keke~I don't know what to type actually xDD okayy~seeya :3

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I just wanna share today..about..kind of..dream? Everybody has their  own dream right?keke
    Last night,I dreamed about teen top. haha It's kinda...funny

Is it raining season now?coz it's raining,raining and raining. Luckily,it's not raining today *smiling broadly
    I know ho w to cook!haha only fried rice. But it's a progress! ghaha xDD

That's all for now~ byeeee

Friday, January 28, 2011

start working - -"

Haha this entry is about~my plans for holiday..It's not awesome tho. Haha the plan is..... Doing school works. Awesome right?gahaha not really~I have to finish Malay summary book until 120 summaries. Wae?Wae?Wae? haha that's it. And the folio.. and the homeworks that the teachers 'spare' for us. Haha

         I just wondering..when can I drive my own car. I want to go to KL/Selangor!! Because..KPOP FM usually will be hold there~sad sad

        I'm very happy syarp *my friend printed my hubby's pic :3 It seems that Ila unnie has many 'madu(s)' keke ~IDC about it..... haha I love everyone actually~people these days loves hating and hating and bla bla bla. You make me pissed off *ukiss said in man man hani,. agaga xDD
    I'm sorry coz this blog is not so nice and interesting and beautiful and perfect. But this is my passion. Simple~keke Not satisfied, go to other blog. haha

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

School :)

wahh I haven't update this blog for quite a long time due to school works and bla..bla ... bla... sports training~ But the most weird thing is~I didn't feel so tired after the training ends :o
      Now,my work is collecting money,hehe to buy this and that~ And being a kind of...assistant  *Guru Muda of Geography subject is not so tiring,but I have to spend some money for the exercises ~woosh!
     This Saturday, I planned that I want to buy some reference books ,exercise books,stationery~haha   and many more I think xD I thought I wanna make more fanfics but unfortunately,I don't have that much time.Okay gtg. Homeworks are waiting xDD byebye ~
nothing connected with them but seriously soo cute xD

Monday, January 24, 2011


Today is not a good day, haha. Tomorrow I'll have the *what we call that ceremony. haha I have to be on stage~keke Am I in hiatus? :o woo I think yes. Now,the clock tic-toc showing 12:56 a.m. haha half asleep~Ahhh gotta sleep now ~dream well :3 hope I'll dream about ******* haha LOL~!!LMAO xD
omona *.*

ahh cutie xDD
bye~tomorrow's a good day *I hope :3

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lumba Jalan Raya >.

Tomorrow is Lumba Jalan Raya~it's kind of.....merentas desa ..HAHA No doubt,tomorrow I'll faint~keke
Must be sooo tired~hu~hu ~ I'm very lazy to update this blog~but, because of my overload bored, I just keep typing...and typing..and typing~haha~! okayy then,bye! :) wish me luck~keke

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Tomorrow is school holiday!!yuuhuuu xDD Finally I can rest   n 3 n
        Today is bad!!tiring!!I'm so tired~!!I have to stand on my school field from 3pm to 4.50pm. Can you imagine how tired I am?! I even vomited that time *too tired,
        Holiday for me is not the time for resting,but I'm still busy~aigoo~I wanna make a me2day account so I could contact minwoo :3 LMAO ~ *dreaming too high .hey!but yes!he has a me2day account~~!! *.*
        Did my prince shikkie have me2day acc? Wahh~I hope so T.T.....

Ila unnie ~where are you~OMO SO bored xD keke

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

hehe It's kind of late tho.

Hehe like Ila unnie's entry, Happy ZE:Anniversary !! It's kind of~a bit late tho xDD
hey~But I still remember about it right ^.^ with that, My banner is about their anniversary! *You know what?I stole them from Daum~Don't kill me!!

It's nice,right??hehe
*I'm still in fever condition *coughs . but I have to go to school tomorrow!! T__T 

Holidayy xDD

today,I took a emergency holiday *aaaa~you know,fever~kekeke If I go to school,,,,,,,,,,bla bla bla = ="
  ZE:A~I'll always love you xDD hehe~haha IDK what to say~wuhuuu.~byebye
  okayy,,It's beast.

ZE:A in Malaysia~OMO *o*

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fever = ="

ah~hari ni demam teruk gila.Dah tak larat nak speaking. Kekeke~
               Macam mana lah esok en en. Sudah berpusing-pusing kepalaku ini xD *betol eyh
pastu kerja sekolah boleh dikatakan berlambak lah jugak. Lepas tu,esok ada kursus Pustakawan lagi~Aigoo~tadi pun macam nak pengsan jew. Sedih,en en? kalau tak sedih tak mengapa~haha
Eee~ Macam mana ni? Nak datang skolah ke taknak?sebab en,,ada kursus. Takkan demam2 ny nak paksa juga,betul tak? Sape yang cakap tak betul tu memang gila,hehehe~
            Aduh~waeyo?! huuuu~nak terjerit - jerit dah ni~muahaha gila. 
aaa~temperature dah makin naik ni,nanti melalut karang,lagi susah. haha xD okbye~

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Dayy :D

okay,,err~where to start? Ya~okayy, yesterday,my last-year class held a feast at Pizza Hut. Aww,good times :) but there's something sad happened. Our money-collecter didn't manage to come to the feast. We were very angry. So,our class teacher had to pay it. *So,If I meet you next week,BEWARE!! (marah sangat.)
But It's fun yesterday :) My friend and I,went around The Store mall to search for presents~Then we walked and walked.... HAHA but something bad happened xDD (tak payah cakap lah,hee xD)
    And then I realized, I ate too much. Haha my friends were already full,but I still eat and eat .. But lastly,I ate Batik Cookies ~yummie :) (Emim,kau ke yang buat?  sedap gilaa xD) .
    Lastly~~we had a lucky draw, and I was chosen ~huwaa :) My teacher gave us 3 keychains per person (thanks cikgu hadi) . haha Syok xDDD

                              Candid~muahaha comel kan kan kan xD

                                  alahai~naja xDD

                               teacher(s) :)


sorry,spelling error!hahah xDD It's collector,not collecter . LOL xD

Friday, January 14, 2011


HAHA bored~next week,,umm sooo busy~ no time for rest >. that's school,right? xDD
woah,this page may seem simple,but I like it coz,,, there's hyungsik pics on my banner xDD tired LOL making that thing~kikiki 
what else~~yah~! I don't know what to say >. Chazz Unnie, can you teach me on how to make graphics?? hihihi~ um help me~I'm tired , no time for resting >.< okay,It's maid time,bye-yeom LOL

written from heart,

Monday, January 10, 2011


today I had my 'lumba jalan raya'/'merentas desa' practice . So tired!I think I've broke my leg xDD
I didn't run anyway.. xD I just walk slowly while chatting with my friend. cruel xDD
haha I hate running .

written from heart,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Night :)

ah..It's already 12:44 a.m . but I still awake xD A few minutes ago, I tried to do my maths homeworks,guess what,the answers are wrong . Maybe It's because I'm kind of..sleepy? xD
wae?! I want that tee~!Ila unnie~help me T__T . so bored~that's why I'm typing using using many colours *less bored xD. thats all for now *I think I want to check out EmpireMY forum, kikiki ... annyeong~!good night xD

written from heart,

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Money money moneyy xD

I want to buy ZE:A tee!! my money isn't enough YET. *sighs
Moneyy why did you run away from me T.T Come here again. LOL Sad ,
Even my blog isn't that interesting,I'm quite satisfied with my own work :) *well done xD
Just from yesterday,I knew how to make icons and banners!! *happy xD thanks a lot to SaMaNtHa unnie from EmpireMY :) I want to learn from chazzie unnie on how to make persona xD bye-yeom! xDD
click and join us with love :)

written from heart,

urg - -"

Dangg! Next week is super busy = =" sports training,,ugh bla bla bla. I must be tired. How about my homeworks?! Teacher,give us less homework please xD

Written from heart,

Saturday, January 1, 2011


maybe blog ni tak cantik mane *memang malas nak buat , HAHA
btw,I like this,not many knows about this blog *good um,IDK~haha

nak makan coklat lah pulak,HAHA xD

written from heart,


borebored, nak buat ape ea~entah la..haha LOL xD
wah I loove ZE:A huhu.. um..nak naik sekolah tak taulah budak form *** camne..ish
mengutuk. haha

macam perasan lah pulak. LOL saranghaeyo~ xD