Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Dayy :D

okay,,err~where to start? Ya~okayy, yesterday,my last-year class held a feast at Pizza Hut. Aww,good times :) but there's something sad happened. Our money-collecter didn't manage to come to the feast. We were very angry. So,our class teacher had to pay it. *So,If I meet you next week,BEWARE!! (marah sangat.)
But It's fun yesterday :) My friend and I,went around The Store mall to search for presents~Then we walked and walked.... HAHA but something bad happened xDD (tak payah cakap lah,hee xD)
    And then I realized, I ate too much. Haha my friends were already full,but I still eat and eat .. But lastly,I ate Batik Cookies ~yummie :) (Emim,kau ke yang buat?  sedap gilaa xD) .
    Lastly~~we had a lucky draw, and I was chosen ~huwaa :) My teacher gave us 3 keychains per person (thanks cikgu hadi) . haha Syok xDDD

                              Candid~muahaha comel kan kan kan xD

                                  alahai~naja xDD

                               teacher(s) :)


sorry,spelling error!hahah xDD It's collector,not collecter . LOL xD


  1. seems like lots of fun xD
    lmao~ i want the pizzas too xD

  2. haha yeah~come on,let's eat :) wuu I want to go to ZE:A FM but IDK when will I go? someday T.T

  3. lmao. you'll pay? xD keheheheh
    ahh. malaysia is under discussion for their next tour
    lets all hope they will come ;A;
    i wanna meet them so BADLY

  4. hehehe . I'll pay xD
    yeah~I hope so.wuu~I wanna meet all of them. nah,,If there's another FM,I Don't think I can go T.T

  5. really? so you'll treat me to a pizza? xD
    even if this could never really happen, im still happy anyways hehe
    why cant you go? ;A;
    if they really come, YOU MUST GO

  6. hehe If we meet ~:3
    huhuhu~I stay in Johor..but from Johor to KL is not too far~hu~hu~I really2 wanna MEET THEM~especially~hehehe xD

  7. keke~ mkay.
    i'll take that as a promise :3 /huggles happily

    they are really handsome in real life.. like.. your eyes will shine when you see them, really...

  8. haha okay ^.^

    aww~really? wanna meet them ,and EmpireMY members keke ~
    but I'm not that pretty to meet all of you.keke xD