Wednesday, January 26, 2011

School :)

wahh I haven't update this blog for quite a long time due to school works and bla..bla ... bla... sports training~ But the most weird thing is~I didn't feel so tired after the training ends :o
      Now,my work is collecting money,hehe to buy this and that~ And being a kind of...assistant  *Guru Muda of Geography subject is not so tiring,but I have to spend some money for the exercises ~woosh!
     This Saturday, I planned that I want to buy some reference books ,exercise books,stationery~haha   and many more I think xD I thought I wanna make more fanfics but unfortunately,I don't have that much time.Okay gtg. Homeworks are waiting xDD byebye ~
nothing connected with them but seriously soo cute xD

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